My passion for creating art doesn't start or end with nails. As an artist, I create a world of art from most anything that inspires me. One of the things I take most pride in is exhibiting my art of nails. In 2011, I had my very first nail art exhibit, where I was able to bring the forefront of nail design to a swanky Downtown Los Angeles location; all with the help of an organization called Raw Artists. I was their very first artist in a nail design category to exhibit in the history of all their shows.

My show was a wild success! Many people came to see what the BellaGemaNails' buzz was all about. Friends and fans alike clambered to take an up close and personal look at these little masterpieces. I still design many exhibit pieces, some for art shows, editorial shoots, and others to be simply admired behind a glass case.

Here are a few of my BellaGemaNails' exhibit pieces to the right.